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Here are some answers to frequently we've received:

Add & Removing Sites

How can I add my RSS to this site?

Like I said in the about page, this site is completely sourced from Dave Verwer's iOS Dev Directory. If I am missing your site I highly recommend checking out Dave's guidence on how to add a site.

I've already added my RSS to the iOS Dev Directory but I don't see it here. What's going on here?

The site is updated 3 times a day so we should pick up your RSS feed. There is a chance that your RSS feed is invalid or there's a bug in the parser. In that case, file a GitHub issue and I can take a look to see why that is.

About Me & Orchardnest

Can I get the technical details of how this site work?

Yep, it's on the About page. If there anything more you want to learn about how OrchardNest works, contact me.

Who made this site?

I did. Leo Dion. You can read more about me here.

Future Plans

I have some ideas for the site! Who do I send them to?

GitHub Issue! That's probably the best place for now... and thanks for asking! I want to make this an informative and welcoming place for the community so suggestions are very helpful to me.

Is there any chance for an app?

Yes that's definitley on the roadmap. Once I feel comfortable with the way this web site works, I'll be moving onto a universal app.

What are your other future plans for the site?

You can always take a look at the GitHub issue list. For me, the most important thing is keeping content fresh and helpful to Swift and iOS developers. Some content from the RSS feed may not be what this community is interested in. So it's important to me to weigh various feeds and articles so the content is fresh, engaging, and relavant.